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10 week powerbuilding spreadsheet issues

There are a couple of problems with this 10 week powerbuilding spreadsheet:

  1. There is an option to pick either intermediate or advanced, supposedly to change the training volume. However the sets, reps and routine are identical regardless of whether you choose intermediate or advanced. Also, under the “intermediate” option the formula is broken and displays only the word “AMRAP” in the corresponding cell, instead of the actual sets and reps.

  2. The workout instructions, Step No 6, says “at the end of each 3 week training cycle, up your training maxes in Column V.” However Column V on every tab of the spreadsheet is entirely blank; there is no place there to increase training maxes each cycle.

There is a box under Column S which updates every 3 weeks automatically… but it doesn’t seem like that’s what the instructions are referring to as they discuss manually updating something.

Can this be fixed or is there an explanation of where is the correct place to increase our training max every 3 weeks?