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12 Week Cast Iron Program

Hello everyone, I was checking out this program and on the squat sessions, as accessory, Front Squats with an intensity of 50-60% is recommended, what is this percentage based off?

P.S Kyle my man, could you add LBS rounding to it xD ty

Updated the rounding to support lb and kg.

Re: the discrepancy between the images on Cast Iron Strength and the spreadsheet, just follow the spreadsheet (according to the comments on the original post).

If it’s in the spreadsheet, I am assuming it is there intentionally and correct.

Re: the percentages for accessories (e.g. front squat) my assumption is that those % are based on your 1RM for that lift, so 60-70% of your 1RM in the front squat when determining load for the front squat. I’m guessing the exact % isn’t provided because it should be based on how you’re feeling that day. I’d probably start with 60% and gradually work toward 70% as you go - again, 60% of your front squat 1RM in the front squat example.

Alright thanks Kyle, cleared me doubts after checking the comments on the original post :smiley: