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4 day full body


Im looking for a full body workout for 4 days a week. Based on bodybuilding or powerbuilding, can someone give me advice/a program?
Cant find much on 4 day full body…

Looking for an advanced/intermediate program.


i would suggest 4 sets each for triceps biceps delts traps 5 for quads and hams 6 each for chest back do one set on 3 6 9 12 use barbell dumbells bodyweight and one isolation exercises stick mostly to the basic exercises also include forearm and calf work same protocol waist one or two sets per workout you might want to included neck and grip work also this might be too much so you could reduced everything by one set less per bodypart and you could also after every 4 to 12 weeks do a deload where you do only twu full body workout one set per bodypart one exercise for 12 reps this is just a suggestion i hope it works good for you bye.