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5/3/1 Method Modified Powerlifting Spesific Program

Guys this is my modified 5-3-1 method powerlifting program.
I included strengh, hypertrofi and strengh movement variation and I increased the frequency and intensity of the movement model. I change it Wendler max 90% to 95%. And added different movement assistants. Weight tracking is done according to the Wendler 5/3/1 calculator. I aimed to increase exercise intensity and frequency in this program. I am waiting for your comments and feedback. And I care about your ideas

Assuming you’re a beginner/intermediate, this looks like a decent program. But keep in mind that linear programs don’t work for very long so you might have to change that up sooner or later for more frequency.

I think it can be applied for a long time. Do you think it is suitable for transition from intermediate to elite level? But can the intensity be high for long-term application?

Have you run a more traditional version of 5/3/1 already?

I think the better approach for elite level lifting is block periodization. Something like HLM. I’ve seen some videos from Alex Bromley where he says the same.

edit: sorry for late replies.

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no i will try for the first time

After trying 5/3/1 for a while, I’ll try the method you said.

Yeah, I’d recommend running the program as written before trying to modify it.