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Brogains Powerbuilding program intermediate

I’m having trouble understanding the programming of the training 1rm. For squat, bench, and deadlift it has you do three warm up sets followed by as many sets as you need to get to within 90-94% of your one rep max without actually reaching your one rep max? I am very confused. Any help would be appreciated.

You’re essentially working up to your daily max. You can’t hit your true 1rm at any given day much less repeatedly throughout the week you would burn out your adrenal glands and probably injure yourself.
Yes I’m saying this while using the Bulgarian Method.

Hey there,

You’re right, it’s kind of complicated. And to make it worse, it looks like the original spreadsheet’s formulas are broken.

I fixed them up, but you will need to grab a fresh copy from here:

I also added an explanation to how it works on the page so it’s simpler to understand. But basically, each week you’ll have an AMRAP set for each lift (squat/bench/dead). Enter the number of reps achieved in that set for each lift using the dropdown menu at the bottom of each week. This will update your training max and allow you to progress within the program.

I hope this helps!