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Greyskull Linear Progression Program

Hello guys.
I can’t find the answer anywhere on the internet. I hope that you will help me.
As a standard, we exercise 3 times a week. For example: Monday Wednesday Friday.
My question is:
Can we assume that a week is 8 days?
Can I take a break after training days every 2 days?
For example this will look like this:
Week 1
Monday Thursday Sunday
Week 2
Wednesday Saturday Tuesday

I hope you will help me :slight_smile:

Here is my Spreadsheet. I add some accessories.
Some off them are in Polish.
Last is a grip. 4 types of grip
Neck is front (Przód), back (Tył), side (Bok)
Chaos kb bench press (Wyciskanie Ketli na gumach)