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Hybrid/Performance Workout

Good morning everyone. I recently “stumbled” on to Lift Vault and found it simply amazing! A great resource for weight training of all kinds. I looked through a bunch of different workouts and I’m trying to find a “hybrid” type workout that can combine tools I have at my disposal, things like cleans, snatches, Jerks, ball slams and kettlebell work but also more traditional training as well. I guess a "performance " based training (not to be confused with Crossfit). Can anyone point me in a good direction to maybe find something like that? Again, I really enjoy the site. Thanks very much

Hey JD!

Glad you enjoyed the site.

Unfortunately I don’t have much on the site along those lines right now. You might enjoy looking into the Super Total programs or perhaps check out Brian Alsruhe’s channel:

I would highly recommend Tactical Barbell ( - you can buy the books online (they’re not too expensive on Amazon). It’s mostly used by the military (infantry, direct action units, special operations forces) and law enforcement (including SWAT), it’s good for anyone that wants a strong strength base as well as good cardio/conditioning/endurance so it should suit your performance goals well.

It’s more of a training methodology/style rather than a specific programme; there are various templates that you can choose and put together to suit your requirements e.g. depending on how many days of the week you want to lift weights, how much you want to incorporate cardio/conditioning or if you have any other activities you do to keep active like martial arts/climbing that you need to fit in during the week etc. It’s very flexible, which is why it’s so good as you can fit it around your life and your goals without causing your performance to suffer. The other good thing is that for your strength training portion, you can pretty much substitute in any strength training program that you want and then use Tactical Barbell’s conditioning templates around it (again, it’s very flexible)

I’ve been using it for the past 3 years (occasionally switching to more specific programs if I want to massively increase my strength or endurance for an upcoming event). Even with it’s most frequent lifting templates, you’ll only be lifting weights 4 times per week at most which leaves a lot of time to focus on your endurance/cardio. There are certainly better templates if you only want strength, and there are better templates if you only want endurance, but if you want to be above average in both areas, I don’t think there’s any training program/style that comes close.

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Thanks for sharing, Lavvo64. Definitely recommend supporting Tactical Barbell!