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Hypertrophy Specific Training 8 week Progeam

Just wondering why Incline DB Bench Press has 2 sets like the first 4. I can understand why the first 4 have 2 sets as they are the main compound lifts however if incline DB bench press has it, surely the one arm DB row should have 2 sets as well. Just want to know the reasoning behind this with the Incline having 2 sets and why those 5 lifts?

I think the volume in the program is done on muscle groups, not lift models. Incline press movement may be programmed for shoulder volume, not chest volume.He may have given the back volume in the program when lifting the barbell row and the arm db row movement as 1 set.

Sets will be limited to one or two work sets per exercise. There’s no problem with a single work set per body part as long as the frequency is sufficiently high and the progression in weight is consistent followed by an appropriate period of strategic deconditioning. There’s nothing wrong with doing more than one or two sets, it’s just more taxing on the central nervous system without significantly contributing to growth.

from this T-Nation article

I agree though, 6 sets per week for some muscle groups does seem low. For these types of questions, I usually recommend running the program as written for a cycle (8 weeks in this case, I guess) before making adjustments (e.g. adding volume).