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Looking for a program

I am 21 years old, 177 cm, 66 kg and have been training for more than a year now. At the start I was trying to familiarise with training so I did many different exercises with routines here and there. Last year in September, I started looking for programs I can follow. I followed a bodybuilding program and actually was pretty fun and I was gaining quite a bit. Times goes by and I found powerlifting interesting and wanting to give it a go, but I don’t really like the style of training because the lack of muscle development in some parts of the body. Powerbuilding is pretty popular now and it’s the kind of training and that caters to me but I am not too sure what programs out there I can start with. Right now there’s the COVID-19 situation so my gym has limited everyone to 90 minutes per session so having many exercises per training block is not feasible. My gym also has limited dumbbells up to 20 kg, bummer… Is there any program I can start with? :confused:

Hey there!

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You’re in a very common situation. Thank you very much for including your height and weight, as this makes it clear that you are pretty skinny (no offense meant).

I’m not sure what your historical weight looks like (perhaps you’re 5 to 10 kilos heavier than you were a year ago, for example), but I would guess that you’re probably not eating enough to be gaining much mass, even if you’re developing some muscle.

For a novice, I typically wouldn’t recommend a “powerbuilding” routine as they don’t tend to progress as quickly as a true novice strength program.

I’d recommend you start with Greyskull or Ivysaur - Ivysaur has more pressing than Greyskull, which you can probably handle as a novice.

If you have specific muscle groups you think are lagging, you could add some accessories if you still have time/energy after the main work these programs recommend. But the good thing is that these programs are very efficient, will get you strong, and do work. You’ll need to be in a caloric surplus to adequately recover from them, so please look into IIFYM and track your calories to make sure you’re eating enough of the requisite protein/carbs/fats.

If you do that, you will gain muscle and get stronger in a very efficient manner. You should be able to maintain this growth for 6 to 9 months before you start to plateau, assuming you’re eating and sleeping enough. This is crucial: recovery is when you build muscle and get stronger.

Good luck - stick to the plan. Let me know if you have any questions!


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