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Mesocycle and volume landmarks

Just curious if anybody is using Dr.Israetel the volume landmarks using those with mesocycle not really a question just a poll to see what your volume is I’m doing a 5 week mesocycle and wondering what your volumes are for chest back and bi’s tri’s
… just started up one I’m changing my rep scheme and some exercises every week instead of doing three or four weeks on each one seems to be working… I start with strength for a week then I’ll go to endurance for a week then to hypertrophy rep ranges and then strength and hypertrophy mixed and last week is de-load probably can be done different but it seems like it’s working for me just wondering what y’all are using as far as your volumes… As far as me my chest starts out with 10 sets a week then 13 then 16 then 18 then de-load… my back starts out with 12 sets a week then to 15 then to 18 then to 20 sorry for being so long I’ve been doing this for a couple days seem to like it thank you

I’m running RP which is similar. My meso is 5 weeks long since my workout plan is programed around arms I might have a bit more volume than the standard version. The volume of my Biceps & Triceps respectively:
Day1 3x20 & 6x20
Day2 -
Day3 6x20 & 3x20
Day4 -
Day5 - 6x20 & 3x20

Biceps get a little more attention because triceps already get hit by OHP, Bench, Incline.

Man that’s awesome info I appreciate that I do something like this and it’s a little different may not be right but I start off my first week with the d load 50 to 60% of 1 RM and usually somewhere in the reps of hypertrophy 8-12…from then I do weeks 1-4 as I go from weekly the sets go up the percentage of one RM goes up and I match of course the reps they go down something like this after deload

Deload week 50-60% 1rm 8-12 reps

Week 1 60%-70% 1rm 12-20 reps
Week 2 70%-80% 1rm 8-12 reps
Week 3 75%-85% 1rm 6-10 reps
Week 4 85%-95% 1rm 2-6 reps