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Metallicapda PPL question

Hello everbody, just started going to gym today and doing Metallicapda PPL workout I found on this site. Here are my 1R Maxes

So my questions are, for hammer curl and db curl we need to write total kgs to 1R Max right? Or the weight on each hand?

My second question is, program suggested I increase the weight week to week for every workout but not for hammer curl and db curl. It says I need to stay at 5 kg for 12 week? I mean I know Im weak with them but saying I should be staying at 5 kg weight for 12 weeks is… Idk, I think it should suggest me to increase weight by at least 2.5 kg after like 2-3 week?

Also tried entering high amounts for last set rep count for hammer curl and db curl, it still suggest me to stay at 5kg. Maybe something wrong with sheet?

Thanks for the help!

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about progression as much for hammer curl and db curl - it’s not going to be nearly as fast as the compound lifts. I’d start light. The weight is per hand, though.

You can enter auto weight calculations for accessories like hammer curls by adding them to the “Progression Weight per Session” list - select the lift you want to progress in the dropdown, choose the value added per session, and the rate of progression. but again, it’s just curls - you can just write in the weight you lift to track instead of relying on auto recommendations.

If a lift is not on the progession weight per session list, the weight will not be calculated/progressed for you after entering the rep counts, which is why your test behaved the way it did.

If you’re looking for advice, read the T3 progression section in this post:

hey another question, for the push day I feel like tricep pushdown and overhead tricep extention is not enough. I mean I just dont feel like With these two exercises there will be enough progress. For the shoulders aswell. Shoulder press and lateral raise really enough for them? Or I should say is these exercises enough for hyperthrophy or I should add 1-2 more exercises for theö?

That’s 6 sets of tricep work per session, 12 sets per week. That should be plenty to get you started.