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Am thinking about running this program however it uses both sumo deadlift and conventional deadlift yet I am not a huge fan of conventional and am significantly weaker when it comes to conventional deadlift. It also uses higher weights for conventional rather than sumo so would it be an option to use the weights listed for sumo when I am doing conventional and visa versa?

I appreciate any help you could give on this matter

Hey James,

Welcome to the forums!

You can do a few things:

  1. You can make sumo deads your primary dead and use conventional as your secondary deadlift. You can just write over those values after you make your own spreadsheet copy.
  2. You can do a sumo deadlift accessory instead of conventional, like pause sumo deads or romanian deadlifts, snatch grip deadlifts, or just a row variation.

Depending on what you choose, the recommended weight may not make sense. If that’s the case, you can adjust the formulas or just write in the actual weight directly in the spreadsheet, which will overwrite the formula.

The spreadsheet is not gospel, just a starting point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Kyle that’s great

So my understanding is that each column represents one week of training. Example, Week 1 Monday I would be doing bench press 145x8 for one set? Then OHP 65x6 for one set? Then my accessory work. Can someone clarify

Each sheet is an one week. So on Monday you Bench 145x8, 170x6, 190x4, and so on until you finish with 145x8+.

Based on your AMRAP sets you either adjust your TM’s or you do not, but the goal of the program is several weeks, at least, of linear progression so if you’re not crushing your AMRAPs in the first few weeks I’d lower the initial loads to give yourself some runway.

The excell sheet doesnt overwright automatically the working sets when changing the training max… why should be??? Thanks!

Hey Juan,

Can you paste in a link to the spreadsheet? Either the one on Lift Vault or the one you’re using should work (if yours, please make sure it’s shareable).


Would love a little bit of help on running this program, as I have some queries.

For context, England has been in and out of lockdown since March 2020, so in that time I have only had about 3 months of in gym barbell training. The rest of the time it has been me making the most of what I can at home, so lots of parallel bar dips, makeshift pike push ups, weighted push ups, weighted reverse rows, and weighted pull/chin ups. This means I have no sense of what my 1RM would be in any of the lifts. So, I guess my first question would be: How should I establish this 1RM to enable the starting off point?

Second relates to injury issues in the past. From October 2018 - Summer 2020 I had tendinopathy in my left knee which almost completely made any squatting movement impossible. This is mostly cleared up, but I’m now dealing with hip mobility issues. I have seen a physio and am working to rehab everything, but I worry that it will hinder squatting and deadlifting. If that is the case, should I look to substitute these out? I know that common wisdom is that you shouldn’t replace lifts as it disrupts the balance of a well written program, but if I can’t do these lifts then there’s a massive hole left in the training. If, for example, back squats are a no go, should I look to replace them with a leg extension? If I can’t pull a DL off the floor while my hip is still not 100%, should I replace them with an RDL or a good morning?

Thank you

Hey Craig,

Here are some tips for finding your 1RM:

I’m frankly not qualified to advise on which substitute exercises might suit your particular injuries. I’d recommend consulting with a sports therapist if you’re able to, or perhaps doing some Googling around [squat alternative for bad knees] or [deadlift alternative for hip injury] - something like that.

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance to you and good luck with your training.

No that’s fine, i wouldn’t expect you to be able to offer some sort of blanket suggestions for moves. I find that if a BS isn’t feeling too good i can often change to a zercher or a front squat, so I’m sure i can work around it. Thanks for the link!

Another quick question:
The accessory lifts on the Advnced Spreadsheet

I assume the ones that are pre written in are to be done every session, but what about the cells for question marks? Is that an option to add an extra accessory, but not essential? I looked in the writeup on the program but couldn’t find the answer

Ah yeah those are basically the actual exercises you could perform. They align with the muscle groups indicated by the chart at the top.

The “?” could be filled in, it’s up you really. IMO, doing 5 accessories on Monday (for example) is more than enough - no need to add a 6th. But yeah, it’s just a blank space you can fill in if you’d like. I’d also say you can drop some of those accessories to start if you’d like.

Sounds like you’re coming back after some time away… might be better to start off with the standard 4 day LP to ramp up. My two cents…

Thanks, another question on the actual spreadsheet formatting.

When i edit the top date row to the week I want to start, it is clearing every single row below it:

I thought it would automatically work out the dates and weight progression accordingly, but it hasn’t. have I done something wrong?

Sorry, another one. The accessories.

I know the ones in the above are a guideline, but I can’t work out how they are calculated. They don’t seem to adjust in line with the T1/T2 training values. Am i meant to just use the set and rep ranges as described, and find my own working weight? If i want to do a Pendlay Row rather than a Machine Cable Row, should I use the same rep ranges?


You must log the number of reps achieved on the Log tab in order for the next week to be populated. So, once you “complete” a week (or you just put a number in as a placeholder), the next week will be calculated.

Accessory values are hardcoded - you decide the values. There are no formulas, etc.

Thanks for the help, I was getting a bit paralysis by analysis to be honest, but I’m sure I can take a run at it with the standard progression as programmed and work out the accessories accordingly

Yeah I wouldn’t stress over the rep ranges for accessories. I usually aim for higher rep ranges, 10-15, and progress weight when I’m able to hit 15-ish for all sets. 3-4 sets.

You can find lots of other approaches to accessory progression if you Google around.

Getting started and working hard are the most important things. You’ll figure the rest out along the way. :slight_smile:

Hey. Can I do shoulder accessories on the nSuns 4 day lp program? Like lateral raises and rear delt raises for example

Yeah, that’s probably fine. If you feel like you’re not recovering enough for your overhead press sessions, I’d consider removing those movements first.

Hello, I’m trying to use this program but I’m confused I finish the 8+ For 15 reps but can’t change the training max? As it changes the equation how do I fix this? Thanks