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Am thinking about running this program however it uses both sumo deadlift and conventional deadlift yet I am not a huge fan of conventional and am significantly weaker when it comes to conventional deadlift. It also uses higher weights for conventional rather than sumo so would it be an option to use the weights listed for sumo when I am doing conventional and visa versa?

I appreciate any help you could give on this matter

Hey James,

Welcome to the forums!

You can do a few things:

  1. You can make sumo deads your primary dead and use conventional as your secondary deadlift. You can just write over those values after you make your own spreadsheet copy.
  2. You can do a sumo deadlift accessory instead of conventional, like pause sumo deads or romanian deadlifts, snatch grip deadlifts, or just a row variation.

Depending on what you choose, the recommended weight may not make sense. If that’s the case, you can adjust the formulas or just write in the actual weight directly in the spreadsheet, which will overwrite the formula.

The spreadsheet is not gospel, just a starting point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Kyle that’s great

So my understanding is that each column represents one week of training. Example, Week 1 Monday I would be doing bench press 145x8 for one set? Then OHP 65x6 for one set? Then my accessory work. Can someone clarify

Each sheet is an one week. So on Monday you Bench 145x8, 170x6, 190x4, and so on until you finish with 145x8+.

Based on your AMRAP sets you either adjust your TM’s or you do not, but the goal of the program is several weeks, at least, of linear progression so if you’re not crushing your AMRAPs in the first few weeks I’d lower the initial loads to give yourself some runway.

The excell sheet doesnt overwright automatically the working sets when changing the training max… why should be??? Thanks!

Hey Juan,

Can you paste in a link to the spreadsheet? Either the one on Lift Vault or the one you’re using should work (if yours, please make sure it’s shareable).