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Number of calf raises reps


I read the all-pro-simple-beginner-routine-program and - believe it or not - I am not certain about everything.


  1. Can I substitute the calf raising using this:
    instead of this:
    Why? Lack of that equipment at the gym.

  2. Problem: Calf raises exercise is limited to 8 reps.
    I understand the workout was written by a pro, but:

  • EVERYBODY, everybody at the gym says that legs need more reps…
  • I myself can not feel muscles being tired properly after 8 reps…
    Can I go with… 20 reps for that exercise and add +2/week?

Help appreciated!

Sure, substituting your calves exercise is fine.

Adjusting the rep ranges is also probably fine. Here are some tips for calf hypertrophy