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Opinion on top five and six day programs

Just was wondering about opinions on top 5 or 10 5-day and 6 day programs everybody has different goals so one certain routine whether it be push-pull legs upper lower or even a full body or bro split it’s different for everyone personally I prefer a push pull legs six day got pretty bad shoulder problems okay don’t let it stop you if you want it bad enough I run a push pull legs just started mesocycle six week including deload works out pretty good so everybody has their different preferences just got to keep on something no excuses keep your diet on point whether you wanna bulk up cut weight or just maintain don’t let anything get in your way that’s if you want it bad enough. You are a never failure unless you quit I didn’t write this to be a motivational speaker LOL but I just wanted opinions on what your top five and six day splits are God bless

“Be stronger than your excuses”