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Phul program plateau and motivation loss

Hello i’m new to this program, i started phul 4 weeks ago and this last week i became less motivated during the workouts and i noticed a decrease in strenght. I achieved the overreaching or no? What could have happened? Thanks

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I would de-load if I were you. From what I see online, though, you’re only meant to need to de-load on PHUL every 12 weeks, so make sure you’re eating/sleeping enough, and consider reducing the number of sets per exercise you’re doing.

I find strange that is overreaching considering that have passed only 4 weeks and i didn’t change the program at all(only 1 exercise).
The intensity and the volume were the ones that were recommended in the schedule so it can’t be that. I’m eating and sleeping enough, only the caloric surplus maybe is a bit little, i’m at 100-150 + my TDEE.
Let me know what is your opinion, thank you.

Sounds like you’re doing a good job with recovery.
If you’re doing lots of difficult cardio, that could affecting you.
I don’t know what PHUL prescribes for intensity/difficulty — how many reps from failure are you on each set?
I agree that your caloric surplus could maybe be a little higher, depending on your goals. To me, the best way to judge your food intake is by the amount you’re growing.

  • Are you running the 4 day version (classic) or 6 day PPL version (modified)?
  • What’s your age/height/weight?
  • What’s your training history like? Have you run other programs before / what are your current maxes (could be 1RM or any rep max, like a 5RM)?
  • Are you hitting the upper end of the set and rep ranges, the lower end, or does it vary?
  • Are you stalling on all lifts or only some?
  • @000 made a good point - are you gaining/maintaining/losing weight?

Also, for what it’s worth, here is a suggested modification from Brandon Campbell, the guy who wrote the program.

I think the biggest change is mixing up the squat/deadlift reps/sets on days 2 and 5. Meaning that I think on the power day as is, it’s very difficult to go that heavy on squats and then follow it up with heavy deads. These last few years what I’ve found more beneficial is on my heavier squat days to have back off work on deads, then later in the week have a heavy deadlift day with back off lighter squats. Does that make sense? I’d probably also limit the back off sets on deads to a rep range between 5-8, as anything higher is just murder.