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Program Format Questions - PRIME 4 Week

Hey all - first post since joining and looking for some guidance. I am stepping into world of powerbuilding and was looking at completing the PRIME 4 week program on here (link below).

My question is about the format. It states (and is named) that it is 4 weeks long and is comprised of 4 rounds. However, when reviewing it shows 4 days of lifting then a day of rest. So my question is, are the weeks referred to by the plan really 5 day weeks? Or would I do best to add in two more rest days from program to focus on cardio or core training which would add up to 7 days, a true week? And would it matter where the two additional rest days fell in each round?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hey there,

That’s a good question. I see what you mean re: “4 day split + 1 rest day” vs. 4 training days per week.

Personally, since it clearly follows a similar rep scheme to 5/3/1, I’d assume each round should correspond with a week like 5/3/1. I could be wrong though. I feel like running it on a 5 day cycle would be pretty grueling.