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RP workout variance

Hello there my peeps. So as the title says I’m running Renaissance Periodization Novice-Intermediate 5x, with a focus in arms. The program has a FAQ but this is the 1st time I run a hypertrophy program so bear with me. The program calls for Biceps & Triceps for 3 out of the 5 training days. How much variance should I really be doing though? The only bicep exercise I’m repeating is the Hammer curls because IMO nothing really hits the outer head like HC. For Day1 I want to get rid of the BB curl and replace it with Cable Rope Twist curls, which gave me an insane pump. However I can’t really go as heavy on the Cable Rope Twist as with the BB curl, the program recommends to have rom / load variation but I’d like to hear your opinions.