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Russian Bench Press Program Discussion Thread

A place for discussing all things related to the 6 week Russian Bench Press Program.

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Thanks for sharing. Seems interesting.

Just started this after 3 years training consisting of testing out one rep max a bit too often. Anyone who have some experience with it and maybe have some advice?

Hey Rasmus,

Welcome to the forums!

If this is your first program after a while of not-really-following-a-program, then this might not be the best program to follow. You’d probably progress faster on something that progresses faster than every 6 weeks.

What is your Bench 1RM and how recently was it tested? What has your programming been like lately? That would help provide you with some better direction. :slight_smile:

Hey Kyle, ty for your answer.

I testede my one rep max 2 weeks ago. 140 kg at 78 kg body weight. Tried 145 kg but failed hard. Therefor i felt like trying a program.

My usual training method is hitting a heavy single. 90% of one rep max atleast and then going down to 120 kg and rep it out for a set or two. Some trainings i have done 6*1 of 130 kg just to get my form and technique in a single better.

Okay nice! Then yes, perhaps this program could be effective for you if you’re interested in peaking your bench.

If you’re interested in something you can run repeatedly, you may want to check out Greg Nuckols 3x Int Medium bench program.

But if you’re interested in the peaking program - go for it. It’s pretty straight forward, just plug in your max and go. I answer a few questions about accessories in the main post - but the short version is: you can do some in the first 3 weeks but I’d scale way back after that. Your mileage may vary.

So im soon at week 4 with the 5x5 and 4x4 og some pretty heavy weight. Seems like a big Jump… any suggestions?

Eat more, sleep more, rest between sets, and use a spotter. Be explosive with each rep, maintain tightness in your entire body as you do each set.

If you’re just nowhere close to finishing your sets, then you probably set your 1RM too high, unfortunately.

Here’s Alan Thrall on staying tight during the bench press:

Here’s Jonnie Candito on the same subject:

Hope this helps! Good luck!

So, just had the 5x5 of week 4.
Just a short feedback.

Waaaay easier than I expected, every doubt about the program disappeared and now I can’t wait to finish up and check peak strength.

That’s awesome news! Thanks for reporting back and please let us know how the remainder of the program goes.

So, started with a pr of 140 kg. First couple of weeks was easy, a bit more volume than usual. First day in week 4 with a heavy 5x5 had me mentally nervous but it went easy. That motivated me and made me feel stronger and more mentally ready to push limits. The last 2 weeks was easier than expected aswell, all went smooth. 3x3 in week 5 was a bit heavy but grinded it out, still decent speed. Last day of the program i was set to a 147.5 which i took for a easy single. So easy that i went for a 150 pr which i got with good speed and no stops.

9/10, simple but effective. Gonna try the program for deadlift aswell, just for the fun.

wow! A 10 kg PR in six weeks is awesome! Congrats :slight_smile: