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Sheikburn programm Opinion

hi guys has anyone have tried the sheikburn programm? it looks solid as a strength block
i need also a peaking block after the programm iam thinking about Russian extended Version
or something else as peaking block after sheikburn

Sorry, have not tried it personally.

If you haven’t already, check out the write up about it

I have done the Russian Squat Program (similar to extended version) for deadlift peaking with solid results. Those Russian peaking programs are a solid starting point - you may need to make your own tweaks after trying it.

i made my decision iam in the end of the first week in sheikburn then i decided to run after a peaking programm research to run soviet peaking programm to specialize squat
Yeah i have read the write in the blog site
time to break some plateaus!

Cool! Good luck :muscle:

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