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Sheiko workout - Newbie questions

Hello guys, I want to jump on my first “real” training program and i found Sheiko workout 29.
Is it really 16 sets of bench the first day haha?

Im confused because everyone says that the android app sucks adn when I look through other excels files I can only see like 10 sets.

Im also very confused which order I should go for? Ive read that 29-37-32 is pretty common but ive also seen the “3 days prog over 80kg” and that includes 37-31-32.

Which one should I go for? Ive only been generic liftning for 14 months
Bodyweight: 90kg Squat: 180kg Benchpress 125kg Deadlift: 200kg

Thank you in advance!

Hi Kajja,

Welcome to the forums!

A bodyweight of 90 kg and a total of 505 kg would classify you as level I (Intermediate) using the Ukraine IPF classification system. That bodyweight would also generally be recommended to use a medium load.

This is the intermediate medium load program:

I think #37 is a volume/prep cycle, #31 is a bridge between prep and peaking, and #32 is a peaking cycle, but I could be mistaken. I’d probably just run the 3 cycles in the order they are presented, maybe skipping #32 if you don’t want to peak.

I hope this helps - there is also a ton of helpful info on the Sheiko Forums.