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Top programs full body upper lower power hypertrophy body part and push pull legs recommendations

Wondering if someone could give me top program routines for each of these full body routines …upper lower routines…power hypertrophy routines… push pull legs routines…and also body part routines… thanks for the info ahead of time God bless

Hey Randy,

There are pages dedicated to all of these things on Lift Vault.

Unfortunately there are not any body part routines.

I hope this helps

It really did thank you very much

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You’re welcome! Good luck out there.

Yeah I’m trying to find something that I like I am sitting at 5 foot 10 195 I lost a lot of weight gained it back I’ve been in the gym on and off man 7 -10 years so I’m trying to find something to you know put a little bulk on but I don’t think I need to put that much on maybe some lean muscle I’m shooting for somewhere around 210 205 calories I sit at usually around 3,000 kcal somewhere in there 215 protein 200 in carbs 100 fat just a little bit about what I’m trying to do bulk up a little bit keep the lean look if that makes sense I have dumbbells at the house plenty of weights so I’m trying to find something in these workouts that I can do and stick with on an 8 to 12 week basis thanks a lot for the info though bro

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