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What's recomended?

I just finished David Laid’s DUP program. Frankly I enjoyed it greatly, although my bench press barley increased, I saw a significant enhance in both size and strength in my legs. Subsequently both my deadlift and squat went up.

Onwards towards the question: What program would be appropriate for me know? I consider myself as experienced and my strength are in the higher percentile in my weight class according to numerous of websites. I’m looking for something comparable, high intensity with an emphasis of achieving both aesthetics and strength gain. Equally divided between muscles groups (PPL, six days a week).
Cordially Adil Shamji

Hi Adil!

Congrats on your squat and deadlift gains! That’s awesome.

For a PPL, the “Reddit PPL” or Metallicadpa PPL (same thing) is a popular choice -->

There is also a 6 day version of PHUL that you might enjoy here -->

The creator of the 6 day PHUL program also made this overview video which you may find useful.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted on your progress