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Workout routine opinion

Hey guys couple questions I’ve always stuck to as I’ve heard the same workout routine for six to eight weeks changing up exercises you know a little bit usually the sixth week’m doing a d-load for example every 6 weeks let’s push pull legs… and every week as I go progressive overload… I started trying something new just started the same kind of theory as far as progressive overload and doing a deload every 6-8 weeks… Instead of that push pull legs same routine I changed up routines every week so an example for us let’s say it’s 6 week schedule would be something like this be okay still changing up exercises still progressive overload just different routine every week a schedule like this any input would be fantastic…

1st week - push pull legs -3day -70%
2nd week - upper lower - 4 day -75-80%
3rd week - bodybuilding split - back&bis /chest &tris/ legs/shoulders - 4day - 80-85%
4th week - P.H.A.T. - 5day - 85-90%
5th week - Push Pull Legs 6 day - 90+ - 100% 1rm
6th week - Upper/Lower - Full body split. - 3day - deload 60-67% 1 rm

IMO… I wouldn’t suggest changing it up every week. Your body will never update to the new movements you added.

I would stick with PPL for maybe 12 weeks/ 3 months or so… Then see were you are at… Next Meso cycle you can try another routine.

Most bodybuilding literature I’ve read normally will deload around the 4th week. Normally drop 1 set… So If your doing 4 sets of bench drop to 3 sets and decrease your 1 RM%. Deload should be an easy week for your body to rest.

I’ve been using a simple routine from Ripped Body for about a year now and I still progressing. After 3 months I keep the Upper/ Lower routine the same… The only changes I make are the exercises and keep the movement pattern similar.

For example: Hori. pull I will do Barbell rows for 3 months… If I feel like It I will change to sited cable rows. Day 4 Upper Day voulume Hori Pull do single arm dumbbell rows.


Same pattern different exercise.
Leg Curls I don’t have Leg Curl machine, so I swap for SL RDL. Once I complete a meso cycle I will swap for Reverse Lunge.

Even IFBB Bodybuilders have their own Periodization when preping for a show… They don’t jump around every 1 week.

Other words… Just keep it simple. Don’t confuse yourself.

I would recommend checking out and read up on his articles. He simplifies everything and he worked with Eric Helms. There is an article about How to make your own routine in 6 steps.

It’s worth to check it out.

Good Luck

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