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Your Gym + COVID-19

Has your gym opened up yet (or maybe it never closed)?

I’m curious to hear what health & safety measures your gym is taking or if things are continuing on with business as usual.

I’m in Massachusetts, so unfortunately my gym is still closed. Hopefully it will reopen in a few weeks.

I do my workout at home last 5 month.

I feel ya Marlo! Same here. Definitely not the same. :frowning:

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They opened about 2 months ago. I went in just to cancel my membership. Building a gym in my garage. ATM I have built a power rack. 7’ barbell. 45s’ and 25s’ lbs Olympic plates. Soon I’ll add a DL platform and a Reverse hyper.

Damn, I’m jealous. Having a garage or basement gym is the dream for me. I still rent so it’d be a pretty complicated endeavor for me at the moment.

What barbell did you end up getting?

I feel you. I might have to leave much of this behind for the same reason. I’m finishing up my last year at Uni. So I’m keeping it minimal. I built it. Everything on Amazon atm is garbage. Facebook Market and Craigs list is also up-priced garbage with a 300 lbs limit.
That’s the Barbell. Most of the parts are from Mcmaster carr and the solid steel bar is from a local metal shop.

Wow! That’s super impressive. Nice work


Look no bad. Thanks for this solution. We have a second wave COVID in our state. And now I needed a workout at home.

I can tell you that many gyms and fitness centers around the world have been impacted by COVID-19 and have had to take additional health and safety measures to protect their members and employees.

Some common measures that gyms are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include:

Limiting capacity and implementing social distancing protocols
Increasing cleaning and disinfecting procedures, especially in high-touch areas such as equipment, locker rooms, and bathrooms
Encouraging or requiring members to wear masks or face coverings while inside the gym
Providing hand sanitizer and wipes for members to use
Temporarily closing certain areas of the gym, such as saunas or steam rooms, to reduce the risk of transmission
It’s important to check with your specific gym or fitness center to see what measures they are taking to protect their members and employees during this time. You may also want to consider alternative forms of exercise, such as outdoor activities or at-home workouts, if you’re not comfortable returning to the gym yet.